Associations & committees

We are a member of the following industry associations: ZVEI, FNN in the VDE, DKE in the VDE.

With our expertise, we make decisive inputs to shaping the technical framework conditions for digital measurement technology and the smart meter rollout. Our goal is to create the conditions for marketable, efficient and interoperable devices.

Representatives of our company also participate in numerous committees that are shaping the regulations for tomorrow’s metrology:

  • German Bundestag: Expert for the Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Turnaround
  • BSI: Task Force WAN
  • BMWI/BSI/FNN: Working group for the development of a future metering system
  • PTB: AK "ELSE"
  • IEC 62053-41 (DC Measurement)
  • CENELEC TC8X/WG06 "Requirements for mains frequency measurement for generation units"
  • ami: Agency for Measurement Quality & Innovation
  • Council of Economic Advisors: Federal Commission for Energy Policy