Precision meter for 19“-Racks
Special meter: XC-Rack | LZQJ-XC | NXT4 | EM4TII


The precision meter XC-Rack is designed for registering large quantities of energy e.g. measuring at points of supply. The meter has also a high precision measuring system which is based on the XC-technology. Beyond this, the XC-Rack can be connected to communication modules with which you can reach a quicker data transfer.


  • Measuring accuracy Cl. 0,2S and Cl. 0,5S
  • extended power quality data (harmonics, THS, flicker)
  • High performance ( equal to the meters of the XC-series)
  • communication via DLMS protocol
  • Ethernet and optical fibre interface

Expandable with the following products:

  • VARIOMOD Modem series (GSM/GPRS, Ethernet)
  • DCF antenna (DCF77-TH2)
  • Communication- und parameterization software --> Combi Master
  • Optional: 19“ rack